Doctors Fees / Cost Dublin


Service Cost
Doctor Consultation 60 euro
 - Review with Doctor (where appropriate) 45 euro
 - Doctor visit over 70 Free with Card
 - Each extra child 20 euro
 - Children under six Free with Card
Physiotherapy Consultation 50 euro
 - Return visit to Physiotherapist 45 euro
 - Physiotherapy (medical card) 45 euro
Psychotherapist Consultation 75 euro
Full executive Medical 299 euro
Chiropodist 45 euro
 - Chiropody visit (plus card) 20 euro
24 hour blood pressure monitor 80 euro
Nurse visit (bloods, ECG) 38 euro
 - STI screen with Nurse 70 euro
 - Smear with Nurse Free
Cryotherapy - often covered with VHI/Aviva/Laya Free
Joint injection - often covered with VHI/Aviva/Laya Free
Minor surgery - often covered with VHI/Aviva/Laya Free

 Medical Card Holders

Medical Card ( Full GMS ) Holders Cost
Doctor Consultation covered by card
ECG covered by card
Cryotherapy covered by card
Driving Licence Medical  

Medical card does not cover:

  • Driving licence medicals.
  • Medico legal reports.
  • Medicals for sports/work etc.
  • Some surgical procedures and investigations.