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Heart Health

Heart healthScreening for Heart Disease

At the Cremore Clinic we have a Heart Health Dedicated Clinic. If you wish to attend for heart screening, ring 8344611 and book a Dedicated Clinic appointment.More people die in Ireland from heart attack and stroke than from any other single illness. There are some simple lifestyle changes everyone can make to improve their heart health. It is well known that a person's risk of developing heart disease is connected to various genetic and lifestyle issues. In the Cremore Clinic we offer comprehensive cardiac screening for women and men. This is particularly important for people with a family history of heart disease. The risk factors that we routinely look at include your Blood Pressure, Weight, Body Mass Index, Excercise, Cholesterol levels, Diabetes, Family history, Diet and Alcohol consumption.

Cholesterol Screening

Cholesterol is a fat that is found in the bloodstream.It comes partly from food we eat and partly from our genetic makeup ie it runs in families. There is good ( HDL) and bad ( LDL) cholesterol. The good cholesterol protects the heart and the bad cholesterol can build up in plaques and block the arteries to the heart and the brain causing heart attack and stroke. There is no way of knowing your cholesterol without checking it. A fasting blood sample is done , usually by the nurse and then we will see you back to discuss the results. Some people have very high cholesterol which runs in their families. These people are more likely to need medication than others. Lots of people can lower their cholesterol with some easy lifestyle changes.

Blood pressure

Blood pressure is given as 2 numbers. The top number is the pressure in the system when the heart is contracting ( at high pressure ) the second number is obtained when the heart is relaxed. High Blood Pressure can run in families. Blood Pressure tends to rise if people smoke or take too much salt in their diet.Excessive use of alcohol and being overweight ( risk factors in their own right ) can also put up your Blood Pressure


The WHO ( World Health Organisation ) recommends that the weekly limit for alcohol is 14 units in women and 21 units in men.We offer support to anyone who feels they have fallen into a pattern of problem drinking. We can help patients to stop drinking if they feel they have developed a problem.

Smoking Cessation

Smoking Cessation At the Cremore Clinic we offer help and support to give up cigarettes. Quitting smoking reduces your risk of heart disease and stroke. It also improves your lung health and your fitness level. Giving up smoking also improves your skin and bowel functions.

Diabetes Screening

At the Cremore clinic we can provide fasting blood tests to check your glucose and screen for Diabetes. Diabetes tends to run in families and is important to pick up and treat earlier if possible.