Mental Health

Mental HealthThe brain and the body are not separate entities. Mental or emotionally stressful situations can be the most difficult health issues to deal with for the majority of people.

Families who have a loved one with mental health issues also need support as caring for a loved one who is very distressed can be a very heavy burden.

Often people are reticent about talking about mental health problems as there is a perceived stigma in our society and therefore there is much hidden misery and people can get to a very severe stage of, for example, depression before they reach out to family or friends or to their doctor, for help.

There is help. There is no shame in admitting you are struggling with your mental health.

Please do not feel ashamed of revealing the fact that you or your loved one is suffering either. Often the underlying stress or depression causes people to become physically ill as a result...

Our minds and bodies are inexorably linked together and what is making you suffer mentally is often much harder to bear than, for example, a pain in your knee.

At the Cremore Clinic we have invested heavily in mental health as we feel it's such an important issue for both young and old, and we have ancillary services like psychotherapists and counsellors and we are hoping to have a consultant psychiatrist working with us again shortly.