Minor Surgery GP Clinic North Dublin

Minor Surgery

Minor SurgeryAt the Cremore clinic we offer Minor Surgery in a Dedicated Clinic. Minor surgery describes the removal of moles, skin tags , warts and other minor skin defects. Moles or lesions that are removed are all sent to the laboratory in the hospital for analysis.

You are awake for the procedure and can go home after the procedure. WE CANNOT REMOVE LESIONS FROM FACE OR NECK.

Minor surgeries on offer include the following.

  1. Surgical removal of moles, skin tags and sebaceous cysts. These are done under local anaesthetic and in our new purpose built minor surgery treatment room.
  2. Cryotherapy for warts, verruccas and seborrhoeic keratoses. These can be done by nurse also.
  3. Removal of ingrown toenails.

These are done under nerve block. Local anesthetic numbs the whole toe. If you feel you have a mole that has changed and would like it removed please ring 8344611 and ask about our Dedicated Clinic for minor surgery. If you have private Health Insurance for example, VHI, Aviva or Quinn, this will cover the cost of your surgery and you do not have to pay directly for this surgery.These surgeries are also done in the hospitals but waiting lists are usually longer.

Because we are a General Practice and not a hospital it will be up to the doctor to decide if your lesion is suitable for removal on the premises. For example we do not usually remove moles from the face. This initial visit for assessment may incur a cost that is not covered by your insurance.

Please note we do not remove lesions from the head and neck area.