Mirena Clinic Glasnevin Dublin

Mirena Clinic

At the Cremore Clinic. We offer fitting of the Mirena Intrauterine System ( coil ) as a Speciality Clinic.

If you think you would like the Mirena fitted you need to ring 8344611 and book an appointment for the Mirena Specialty Clinic. Mirena is an intra-uterine system containing a low dose of hormone which is released gradually over five years. After this time it should be removed or replaced. It can be removed sooner if necessary. It is very easy to remove if it does not suit you.

This service is only available to women who have delivered a baby vaginally. If you have only had caesarian sections or you have never had a baby you will need to tell us. Women who have not delivered vaginally can have Mirenas fitted but it is technically a more difficult procedure and requires referral to a hospital gynaecologist.

The Mirena coil is particularly helpful for women who have heavy or troublesome periods. It tends to make periods very light and some women do not have any bleeding at all. It is important that we know you are not pregnant when we insert the Mirena. To this end you must be on a reliable form of contraception already or be within 2-3 days of your period.The Mirena coil does not contain any oestrogen. This means it is a reliable form of contraception for women who cannot take the pill because of clots or migraines.