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Vaccinations for going on Holidays, available in Glasnevin North Dublin

Travel Vaccine Service

Travel VaccinesIf you are planning foreign travel, you should book a consultation well in advance about necessary vaccines, malaria prescriptions and other medical advice regarding your destinations. All these can be done at our Travel Vaccine Specialty Clinic. Please make an appointment by ringing 01 8344611.

We can inform you of any relevant disease outbreaks or current risk updates for the countries you are visiting. Many parts of Europe, Australia and North America do not need particular vaccinations for travel, but if you are unsure it is best to come and discuss this with the doctor.

Commonly needed vaccines for travel to certain parts of Asia, Africa and America include hepatitis A, typhoid, tetanus, diphtheria and polio. Hepatitis B vaccines are advised for long stay travellers (greater than 1 month) in some areas, or people who may be exposed to blood while away, eg for work purposes. Rabies vaccines may be required if you will be staying in very remote or jungle areas in some countries (more than 24 hours from the nearest hospital), or working closely with animals. Rabies and hepatitis B vaccines require a course of 3 injections at intervals. This can all be discussed with our doctors.

For most short-stay trips (less than 1 month) with uncomplicated itineraries, ensuring you have your vaccines at least 2 weeks before travel should be sufficient. However, longer stays - particularly in higher-risk countries - may require vaccine courses of a couple of months so it is best to book your travel consultation in plenty of time if unsure.

Yellow Fever

The Cremore Clinic is a designated yellow fever centre, therefore we can provide this certification to persons who need this vaccine and receive it from our doctors. A certificate of yellow fever vaccination is obligatory if this disease is endemic in the country you are travelling to. However, there are also restrictions in adjacent countries, where you may have less risk of contracting the disease, but may be refused entry without a certificate of yellow fever vaccination.

You should bring a detailed itinerary for your travels when coming for a travel health consultation.