A Big Birthday is a cause for a big celebration.

However it is also a time that makes us pause and reflect on our lives to date and our hopes for the future.  Give yourself a big birthday present at The Cremore Clinic and have a MILESTONE MEDICAL.

What does that entail?

Different age groups will need to be tested for different aspects of future illnesses.

At every age however we will assess your lifestyle, your family history, your stress levels and mental health. We will do a battery of tests, including blood tests, that will diagnose and prevent diseases like diabetes, anaemia, haemochromatosis, liver and kidney disease, high cholesterol levels, prostate disease in men, and menopause or fertility issues (like poly cystic ovarian syndrome) in women.   We also of course are part of the Cervical Check programme and we encourage both men and women to look after their bone health and their sexual health.

Our nurses and doctors can perform ECGs, spirometry, 24 hour blood pressure monitoring and a host of other procedures and tests depending on the nature of your symptoms on examination.

If you have a worrying mole or skin lesion, we can perform minor surgery for our patients.

For women we would recommend that you have a full fertility check when you approach thirty and a full menopause check at fifty.   Sixty is the new forty and we want to keep you as  fit and healthy as possible.

For men we would love to see you at forty to maximise your lifestyle and nutrition and to screen for prostate and heart disease as we know we can prevent so many illnesses at an early stage.

We would like to maximise your health and fitness at any age so that you can give your future self a really important present; the gift of health.

Appropriate screening health check-ups for men depend on a number of factors:

1 Age….…2 Family History…….3 Your Lifestyle and behaviour risk factors…….4 What we can test for.

At any age:
Standard blood tests can be done for iron levels, to test your basic body biochemistry, screen for diabetes, cholesterol and thyroid function.

Health History and Examination of Blood pressure and pulse, heart and lungs height weight and are basic indicators of cardiovascular health

Mental Health and sexual health screening may be an important part of your health check at any age, please not that these areas can require significant separate appointments to deal with problems in these areas.

Over the age of 45 – Diseases of the heart and circulation and cancers are the biggest causes of death and predominate. Cholesterol profile diabetes screening, cardiovascular examination (heart lungs and blood pressure) as well as other screening bloods are performed Prostate cancer is a cancer we cancer we can screen for by a blood test and usually (but not always necessary), a prostate examination which can be easily done. We recommend screening from the age of 45 and generally every 2 years after that. Screening is not perfect and can miss some cancer and it is important you understand the value and limits of screening for any disease especially prostate so this should be discussed before testing {Prostate testing and its meaning READ MORE button} Erectile dysfunction becomes more frequent as we get older and is related to hardening of the arteries and can be the first signs of circulatory problems

Under the age of 45 – Your health check should concentrate on lifestyle and behaviour risk factors and any unusual family history of early illness ( 1st degree relatives especially) that might have a family link. All men especially under 40 should regularly self-examine their testicles as testicular cancer (although still rare) does occur under 40 more commonly. If you want a health screening check up please note this requires seeing a doctor for a double appointment initially and fasting bloods tests which can be made on the same day aft the doctors appointment or on a separate day and based on the assessment by your doctor on the day and/or the results of your tests may or may not require further assessment/ tests where appropriate and advice.

Health screening is an ongoing process between you and your doctor and is a good life habit for all of us.

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Dr. Fiona Dennehy

Dr Fiona Dennehy graduated from UCD in 1995. She came to the Cremore Clinic in 1999 after three years working in the west of Ireland. Fiona has always been interested in medical education and has been teaching medical students from RCSI as part of their augmented teaching programme since 2001. She has been involved in post-graduate GP training for the north Dublin GP scheme since 2013. Travel medicine was one of Fiona's first interests and she maintains that with nurse Deirdre in providing travel advice and vaccinations. Fiona lives locally, is immersed in her local community which includes Na Fianna GAA Club and Bohemian Football Club where she has been the club doctor since 2014. She has a special interest also in the deaf community and has level 3 in ISL. Tá suim mhor sa ghaeilge aici. Dr Fiona Dennehy, MB BCh BAO DCh DOWH MICGP.

Dr. Iain Morrison

Dr. Iain, a native of a Dublin, qualified from Trinity College in 1998 where he always wanted to follow a career in General practice and finished his MICGP (General Practice training) in 2002. He was delighted to join the Cremore Clinic in 2004 after working in New Zealand as a GP for a year and other practices in Ireland. He became a partner in 2007. His particular areas of interest are in Men’s Health and Sexual Health screening and as a proud member of the LGBTQ community would strive to be inclusive of members of the community for this. He also has worked in and has a diploma in Diabetes Care and has a strong interest in chronic disease management. He has developed an interest in Occupational Medicine and has a developing interest in Sports and Exercise Medicine. The latter stems from his keen interest in athletics. He coaches middle and long distance athletes in Trinity College Dublin as well as being very involved with his athletics club Donore Harriers. He enjoys teaching the next generation of doctors and is a G.P. tutor for students in Trinity College Dublin.

Dr. Nuala O'Farrell

Dr Nuala O Farrell grew up in Glasnevin and attended Holy Faith Convent, Glasnevin, before studying medicine in University College Dublin. She studied paediatrics at post graduate level and spent two years working as a volunteer doctor in Zambia, Africa, before setting up “The Cremore Clinic” in 1990. Dr O Farrell’s special interests are “Fertility” and the “Menopause”. She also has a special love of paediatrics and teenage mental health. Dr O Farrell has been teaching general practice to post graduate doctors since 2003 and has in recent years also been lecturing in “Narrative Medicine”. In her spare time Dr Nuala loves mountain walking, yoga and literature.


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