We offer a range of contraceptive options and counselling on the devices most suitable for each individual.

An Implanon* device can be inserted subcutaneously in the arm to provide 3 years of contraceptive cover.

Several Intrauterine Contraceptive Devices containing progesterone hormone are now available . The Mirena* Coil is suitable for women who have previously had a vaginal delivery of a baby and Kyleena* and Jaydess* for women who have not delivered vaginally or at all. Mirena and Kyleena offer 5 years contraceptive cover while the Jaydess offers 3 years. The Mirena Coil is also licensed separately for treatment of heavy periods and for womb protection as part of “HRT” in the treatment of menopause.

We also offer the option of Copper Coils for women who want a “non- hormonal” option and can supply the Tt380 devices. Please consult price list for costs.

*You need to book a consultation with the Doctor to discuss the contraceptive device that would be perfect for you.

Dr. Sarah Lawler

Dr Sarah Lawler has been working in The Cremore Clinic since she completed GP training with the UCD Mid Leinster Training Scheme in 2013 gaining an MICGP qualification. Sarah has a particular interest in women’s health. In particular, Fertility/ Infertility Assessments and is pursuing further training in this area in conjunction with SIMS Fertility Clinic and the University of Bournemouth. Her other interests are in contraception and insertion of long acting contraceptive devices such as Mirenas, Implanon and Copper Coils and treatment of STIs.

Dr. Caroline Duggan

Dr Caroline Duggan qualified from the UCD School of Medicine in 2005. Following completion of her internship in the Mater Hospital and Limerick she spent some time as a resident in the Royal Perth Hospital, Australia prior to returning to the Mater Hospital in Dublin to commence her Post Graduate training in Medicine where she received her MRCPI (Membership of the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland). She has been with us in The Cremore Clinic since July 2013.


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