Fertility Assessment Scan

We perform a pelvic ultrasound scan to assess the uterine cavity, to measure the thickness of the endometrium (lining of the womb) and to determine how the follicles are developing in both ovaries.

We assess the uterus for fibroids or reasons that might impact on an embryo implanting in your womb. We measure the lining of your womb at various stages in your cycle to see how the endometrial thickness is developing. Endometrial thickness is important for supporting the developing baby. Early in your cycle day 3-5 it should be thin, 1 – 4mm. Ideally, by day 10 – 14 in your cycle the endometrium will have thickened to >10mm to support the implantation of the developing baby.

We count the number of follicles in both ovaries, to allow us to assess a women’s fertility potential. or ovarian reserve. This test often correlates with the AMH blood test.

This ultrasound is carried out with a transvaginal probe to provide us with higher resolution images, or better-quality pictures of your uterus and ovaries.

Follicle Tracking Ultrasound and Ovulation Induction.

Follicle tracking involves a series of ultrasound examinations to monitor and assess the growth and size of follicles, usually between day 10 – 17 in the menstrual cycle. Ovulation usually occurs when follicles grow in size to about 18 – 22mm. When ovulation occurs, the egg is released and travels through the fallopian tube into the uterus where it will meet the sperm, fertilise and can then implant in the uterus making pregnancy a likely possibility.

By monitoring or tracking the growth of follicles we know when a woman is going to release an egg and can plan or time sexual intercourse around this time frame.  This is a process called Ovulation Induction and involves taking medication, such as clomid or letrozole to stimulate the ovaries to develop one or more mature follicles.

Ovulation Induction and follicle tracking to time sexual intercourse are a suitable method of assisted fertility treatments for women who do not ovulate, or are unsure when they are ovulating, or have irregular or long cycles. It is also a reliable method of assisted fertility for couples who have been trying for some time to achieve a pregnancy.  The success of this method of assisted fertility is reliant on the following parameters:

  • Follicles present in the ovaries that can be matured
  • Fallopian tubes being unblocked and normal. (We can refer for tests to assess the patency of fallopian tubes)
  • A normal sperm analysis.


Follicle Tracking Ultrasounds for IVF Patients

Many women are choosing to have IVF treatments overseas and often do not fly until they are ready for egg collection. We provide follicle tracking scans to monitor the growth of your follicles while taking ovarian stimulation medication for your IVF treatment. We ensure your ultrasound report is completed on the same day as your scan and emailed to your consultant for review.

Early Pregnancy Ultrasound

We offer early pregnancy ultrasound or pregnancy viability scans from 7 weeks gestation.  This scan allows us to confirm your pregnancy and calculate baby’s due date. It allows for a special bonding experience for expectant parents to see their baby for the first time and often brings much reassurance.



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