Clinic Update – June 2020

 We would like to reassure our patients during this Covid crisis that we are continuing to consult and attend to our patients as previously. Please be advised to contact us with any new concerning symptoms or for usual medical conditions requiring ongoing medical management.

Our Doctors are currently offering both telephone and video consultations. Following Doctor triage we are asking patients that require physical examination to attend the Clinic provided there is no Covid 19 risk.  A fee will apply to all consultations that are not covered under the GMS scheme.


Prescriptions can be renewed online ([email protected]) or by contacting us by phone. Upon completion we are now emailing the majority of our prescriptions to the Pharmacy of your choice where they can be collected by you.  A prescription fee will apply to all prescriptions that are not covered under the GMS scheme.


We would like to announce that Dr Sarah Lawler has returned from Maternity leave and is available for patient consultations.

Ongoing services

We are continuing to provide the following services during the Covid Crisis:

Routine Antenatal Care24 Hour BP Monitor
2 Week and 6 Week Baby ChecksECG
Routine Childhood VaccinationsEar Syringing
Prolia Injections Pill Checks
Contraceptive InjectionsCryotherapy
Essential Blood Tests
Cremore Clinic
Want to book a medical appointment? Just phone (01) 834 4611 or visit our contact page to find out more information.

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